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Post adjutant warns of fund-raising scam

By Nate Iversen

January 29, 2020

The American Legion is an organization that is not new to fund-raising.
This year, the Chamberlain American Legion, Potter Post #3, is selling tickets for a chance to win beef certificates in three different amounts.
“The funds go to support our local youth and other Legion programs,” said Post Adjutant Doug Feltman.
Unfortunately, a new scam has entered the area. Community members and businesses have been receiving phone calls claiming to be from the state and national American Legion. Being notified of these calls, Post Adjutant Feltman reached out to both higher levels of the organization to gather more information. He was notified that neither the state nor national American Legion posts solicit donations over the phone.
“I called the state headquarters,” said Post Adjutant Feltman, “and they said they have not and will not solicit by phone. They (the state) then called national headquarters and they do not and will not solicit by phone. Phone call solicitations asking for a donation to the Legion is a scam; the money does not go to the Legion.”
Concerned by this news, Post Adjutant Feltman looked further into what can be done about the phony calls.
He asks anyone who receives the scam calls to report it to the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office in Pierre at 1-800-300- 1986. The office is keeping track of the calls in an attempt to resolve the problem.

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