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Lyman County Commissioners —
Board opens bids for culvert, road and bridge projects

By Janet L. Petrak

March 18, 2020

The board of Lyman County Commissioners met in regular session in the conference room at the Lyman County Courthouse at Kennebec on March 10.
The auditor’s account, register of deeds and clerk of courts fee reports were approved for February.
The auditor’s account showed cash on hand as $4,492.09; checks in treasurer’s possession less than three days old, $26,015.40; BankWest checking, $18,255.56; BankWest savings, $2,264,999.23; First Dakota Bank CDs, $213,309.58 and Dakota Prairie CDs, $664,410.47 for a total of $3,191,482.33. General Fund was at $1,966,468.22; Special Revenue Funds: Road and Bridge Assigned, $891,363.95; Secondary Road Reserve, $24,162.91; 911 Fund, $16,450.76; fire, $58,858.68; emergency management, $5,515.07; domestic abuse:, $230; 24/7 sobriety, $17,228.74; Register of Deeds M&P, $38,459.05 and Trust and Agency Funds, $172,744.95.
Of this amount the following entities received – State of South Dakota, $54,766.51; school districts, $77,967.34; cities and towns, $19,148.06; townships, $1,308.33; West River/Lyman-Jones Water District, $502.90; Vivian Sanitary District, $150.63 and Lyman
County Ambulance District, $2,931.19 for a total of $156,774.96.

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