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Lyman County Commissioners –
State’s attorney, sheriff discuss options of ability to carry firearms

July 29, 2020

The board of Lyman County Commissioners met Tuesday, July 21, in the conference room at the Lyman County Courthouse in Kennebec.
State’s Attorney Steve Smith and Sheriff Steve Manger met with the commissioners to discuss options for the Lyman County Courthouse given that South Dakota Codified Law 22-14-24 (6), that took effect July 1, 2020, now gives county employees the ability to carry firearms within the courthouse. State’s Attorney Smith discussed the liability and safety concerns that he sees with allowing employees to carry firearms and Sheriff Manger added some potential issues that could arise because employees are not trained with a firearm to handle a potential situation properly.
Possible alternatives would be for the commission to ban employees from carrying firearms in the courthouse or to add requirements such as obtaining an enhanced carry permit that would require classroom and shooting training.

To read the rest of the article, please check out Central Dakota Times, available on news stands or through subscription – Call 605-234-0266.

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