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City of Kimball —
Township representatives address road maintenance

By Debi Ruiz

May 20, 2020

Road maintenance along 250th Street in Kimball was addressed by members of Waldro Township and the Kimball City Council when a meeting was held Monday, May 18, at the finance office in Kimball.
Under employee reports, Police Chief Chris Reitsma stated she had worked with Economic Marketing Director Anita Holan to place the city’s ordinances on-line with the city website.
The police chief distributed a proposed fine and bond schedule for the council to review. The schedule covered fees for curfew, parking violations, traffic violations, animals at large, improper pet waste disposal, burning violations, unlawful possession or use of fireworks and discharge of a firearm within city limits. The fines collected from the proposed fee schedule would go to the city, not the state.

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