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City of Kimball –
Council discusses streets, approves license requests

By Debi Ruiz

October 7, 2020

A discussion on streets and approval of license requests were included on the agenda when members of the Kimball City Council met Monday, Oct. 5, at the finance office in Kimball.
The finance report was submitted in written form and covered abatements, West Nile invoices, water rates, senior center expenses, consumer lead tap monitoring results, water meter installation, bank balances, profit and loss comparison, departments that will need contingency transfers, explanation on moving of funds from one to another and amusement taxes received from the state.
Maintenance Engineer Paul Dorwart also submitted his report in writing. He touched on fire station roof updates, water testing, meter system update, Department of Environment and Natural Resources inspection, GIS system update, lagoon discharge and safety consultant recommendations.
To read the rest of the article, please check out Central Dakota Times, available on news stands or through subscription – Call 605-234-0266.

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