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City of Chamberlain —
Council approves first reading of ordinance dealing with COVID-19

By Debi Ruiz

April 1, 2020

A special meeting of the Chamberlain City Commission was held on Friday, March 27, at the city offices in Chamberlain.
Mayor Chad Mutziger, City Finance Officer Nicky Gaulke, Deputy City Finance Officer Angel Chmela, Police Chief Jason Handel and City Engineer Greg Powell were present with Commissioners Hannah Ruhlman, Monte Claussen, Tim Thomas and Clint Soulek and Brooke McDonald of Charly’s Restaurant, Leslie Olesen, Lucy Halverson, Erica Peterson, Paul Miller and Dr. Travis Sanger of Sanford, Melissa Rinehart, John Lenz of the River City Fitness Center and Tanning and Merrill Ellis of Upper Crust Pizza and Wings available by teleconference.
The first reading of Ordinance No. 638, “A Temporary Emergency Ordinance To Address A Public Health Crisis By Implementing Certain Measures Which Have Been Deemed Necessary To Slow The Community Spread Of The Virus Responsible For The COVID-19 Disease,” was held.

To read the rest of the article, please check out Central Dakota Times, available on news stands or through subscription - Call 605-234-0266.

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