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Chamberlain Board Of Education –
Emergency meeting is called to address eLearning, Cub Comeback Plan

By Debi Ruiz

September 30, 2020

A special emergency meeting of the board of education for Chamberlain School District #7-1 was called for Saturday, Sept. 26, at the middle/high school library in Chamberlain.
Board Member Eric Miller was avaiable via telephone.
Superintendent Dr. Justin Zajic provided the introduction, “This is an unprecedented time for Chamberlain. Monday, we have decided 25 percent of our staff will be gone due to the virus. We felt we could not effectively operate and feel we should switch to eLearning for the middle and high school for the week of Sept. 28 through Oct. 2. We felt we need to decide what’s best for the community, for the students and for the staff.”
To read the rest of the article, please check out Central Dakota Times, available on news stands or through subscription – Call 605-234-0266.

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