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Brule County Commissioners —
State’s attorney discusses Governor’s executive order

By Janet L. Petrak

April 29, 2020

State’s Attorney Theresa Maule Rossow discussed with the board of Brule County Commissioners Governor Kristi Noem’s Executive Order 2020-12 on Tuesday, April 21, in the west community room of the Brule County Courthouse in Chamberlain.
She related the Governor wants (ordered) all state offices and public entities that she has control over to remain in social distancing and she is “strongly encouraging” that counties and cities do the same through May 31, 2020.
The state’s attorney was in contact with the state’s attorneys association and “all of us are recommending to the counties that they maintain their social distancing practices that you guys are doing now, stay six feet away, doing the court like we’ve been doing and keep the county offices closed. That is what we are recommending to comply with the Governor’s Order 2020-12. If possible, we would ask that you continue to do that through May 31. You continue to flatten the curve and protect the employees and yourselves.”

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