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Brule County Commissioners –
Koch will serve as deputy state’s attorney, highway matters are discussed

By Janet L. Petrak

July 29, 2020

Brule County State’s Attorney Theresa Maule Rossow introduced Deach (Dedrich) Koch as her deputy state’s attorney at the Brule County Commission meeting Tuesday, July 21, in the west community room of the Brule County Courthouse in Chamberlain.
A period of time was assigned for public comment, with none being taken.
State’s Attorney Maule Rossow talked about the new state law for open carry/concealed carry for courthouse employees. She said most counties are going with a no vote on having their courthouse employees carry handguns or any kind of weapons to work.
The decision lies with the county commissioners and it is strictly for the courthouse employees. It does not include law enforcement or bailiffs, for example. State’s Attorney Maule Rossow feels for safety and liability reasons she is advising a no policy on courthouse employees carrying weapons. This was not acted on at the meeting.

To read the rest of the article, please check out Central Dakota Times, available on news stands or through subscription – Call 605-234-0266.

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