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Naser family extends thanks for support

By Nate Iversen

May 13, 2020

The Naser family was the recipient of an outpouring of donations when the family lost their home recently. Representatives from Willrodt Ford assisted with a fund-raising campaign. Pictured are, from left, back, Nick Doney, Jeff Kohlrus, Zeta Naser, Frank Willrodt, Jodi Foley, Troy Naser, Jr., Kat Prescher and Jo Stadler and front, Courtney Naser, Raeann Naser holding Kadance Karcher, Linea Naser holding Korrina Karcher and Troy Naser.​

​“It’s a very heartwarming thing to know that a community can come together so much for a family in need,” said Kat Prescher.
The family of Troy and Raeann Naser lost their home to a fire on Tuesday, April 21. The home was deemed a complete loss with nothing able to be recovered. No one was on the premises at the time the fire broke out.
Kat Prescher and Jodi Foley are friends of the family and immediately began thinking of ways to assist the Nasers.

-Nate Iversen Photo

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