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Marcella Chmela celebrates 102 years on Feb. 8

By Doris Ann Chmela

Feb 12, 2020

Marcella (Toupal) Chmela observed her 102nd birthday on Feb. 8.
Marcella Toupal was born on Feb. 8, 1918, at the family home near the small village of Bendon, South Dakota. The midwife for the birth was Mrs. Frank Pazour. Marcella’s mother was Christina Sluka, who was born May 25, 1894. Her father was Anton Toupal, who was born June 16, 1891, southwest of Kimball near Bendon. No birth date was ever recorded for him, so he chose June 16 as his birthday. He and Christina were married on Oct. 24, 1911.
Marcella’s grandparents were Barbara (Janshek) and Charles Toupal. Grandma was affectionately known as “little Grandma.”
She often wore a black satin scarf with flowers on it to church. She told them the scarf had come from Czechoslovakia.

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