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Honor Retirees

May 13, 2020

Dozens of vehicles showed up at the Chamberlain Elementary School parking lot on May 7 to take part in a “parade.” Because of the school shutdown and social distancing practices amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the “parade” was put together to honor Chamberlain School District employees who had worked in the district for more than 30 years. Retirees were present at their homes and at the high school while the line of cars passed by to display signs of congratulations, wave and even fill each employee’s “treat basket.” The Chamberlain Police Department assisted in escorting the vehicles safely through town. Nate Winter, top photo, left, stands with his father and mother, Garry and Deb Winter. Garry Winter celebrated his retirement after 42 years with the school district. Jerry Toering, bottom right photo, put out a chair to wave to the line of cars passing his home. Toering has served the district for 35 years. Donn DeBoer, bottom right photo, left, and Nancy DeBoer both served 30-plus years in the district. Nancy DeBoer worked in the business office and Donn DeBoer in various coaching and emceeing roles.

-Nate Iversen Photos

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