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Christmas Candy Sacks

Jan 8, 2020

Members of the Trinity Presbyterian Church of Rochester, MN, donated candy, fruit and nuts to fill 500 sacks to be given to children and elders of the Fort Thompson community. “Once again, we, the community of Fort Thompson, are very fortunate and thankful for the generosity of the Trinity Presbyterian Church of Rochester, MN,” stated Armond “Red” Olson. “This group, of which the majority are employed by the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, travels to this community to help mow, reset headstones and maintain the cemeteries every month during the summer. We can’t thank them enough. May our friendships endure forever and may the Great Spirit protect you and guide you down life’s pathway.”
Santa’s helpers pictured with the sacks of candy, fruit and nuts include, left photo, Larry Cortez, left, Wes Petersen, Rick Voice, Brenda Thompson-Lytle, Troy Monsen, Jerry Lytle, Shirley Odea, Terry Quilt, Red Olson, Marilyn Langdeau and Gloria Petersen. Not pictured is Jerome Monsen. The Golden Age employees prepare and deliver the noon meal to all elders in the Fort Thompson area, right photo, Lydia Marks, left, Marilyn Felecia and Dorothy Spider.

-Submitted Photo

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