Chamberlain One-Act Receives Superior Rating


The cast and crew of “The Little Prince” displays their superior plaque, from left, back, Brynn Mahrt, Student Director Brooklyn Thomas, Sequoia Altamirano, Caleb Borah, Mariah Koenig and Derrick Rasmusson; fourth row, Rozlyn Larsen, Aries Fox, Alyssa Allen, Scoti Donovan, Chynna Story and Delaney Peterson; third row, Aurora Wright; second row, Director Trisha Burke, Assistant Director Lynn Herder, RaeAnna Lewis, Saylor Lippert, Maxwell Kelsey and Jack Swanson and front, Caden Sharping, Hayes Miller, Katie Steckelberg, Breckin Steilen and Darynn Burke. Not pictured are Paige Endres and Brynn Mahrt.

-Submitted Photo

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