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Brule County State’s Attorney Named Cooperator Of The Year

By Nate Iversen

Aug 26, 2020

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks have awarded Brule County State’s Attorney Theresa Maule Rossow the 2019 Cooperator Of The Year Award. “As part of the South Dakota Conservation Officer Association, we chose Theresa as a Cooperator Of The Year for us for being a great example of someone supporting us in law enforcement and a great state’s attorney for our area,” said Conservation Officer Diana Landegent. Maule Rossow, upon receiving the award, stated, “I was very surprised and I was very pleased and honored.” In the fall of 2019, Conservation Officer Landegent was working on a case regarding a
guided hunt on private lands which resulted in the issuing of one citation. State’s Attorney Maule Rossow charged the hunting guide for each hunter in the group which resulted in seven counts of guiding on public lands and the defendant pleading guilty to four counts. In addition to upholding the law, Maule Rossow has also volunteered her time to assist Conservation Officer Landegent in the delivery of food plot seed. She has also been involved in providing additional training for officers in Brule County. An avid outdoor enthusiast herself, Maule Rossow enjoys fishing and the hunting of both big and small game. Conservation Officers Travis March, left, and Landegent, right, presented the 2019 Cooperator Of The Year Award to Brule County State’s Attorney Maule Rossow on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

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